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United We Stand Stronger As Americans

Well it’s time folks, he may not be your choice, or my choice, but it clearly is America’s Choice, so it must now be “Our Choice”!  We cannot do this divided, if we try, we surely will fail and to fail now, would be to fail our country at its time of critical need! I am praying that all of us are now strong enough and smart enough to recognize we must lock arms, and put our personal wants aside and stand together with “Our Choice” and do all we can to ensure that candidate Mic Romney becomes “President Mic Romney”.  To do any less will cause this great land called America to fall to a doctrine that those of us my age remember as “Communism”, something many of us fought against, or paid the ultimate price to prevent.


This is not a new threat to our country; it has always been a present danger since the very early 1900’s, I thing the Communist Party began here in America around 1919.  All the years I have served in the Intelligence Community (1963 – 1983) our primary objective (in my area of expertise) was to gather and analyze intelligence in support to prevent our great land from ever falling to the communist threat.  I felt good knowing I did my small part in the years I served, along with so many wonderful men and women; I still continue to befriend, to curb communist intentions relative to the “Socialization” of America.  When our current President was elected I admit I was disappointed, more than that I was disturbed that so many could elect anyone with so little experience or credibility to the highest office in the land.  What amazes me is that he did not really hide his intentions as he promised to “Transform” America, “Redistribute the wealth” and it appears he intends to keep his word.  How could so many be so blind?  Yet, his popularity and favorability remain in the high 40’s, around the 48 percent mark, even with all the corruption being presented in just the first three years.  He continues to be even with presumed candidate Mic Romney if the election were held today.  How could this be?


As “Occupy Wallstreet” movement continues to draw attention, you should note that it is the radicals and those who represent “Communism or Socialism” that are the major groups who are showing up for the “May Day”, a rather “Communist” day rallies.  What fun, a communist movement that is reminiscent of the 60’s, when it was a real challenge for our country causing concerns back then if our way of governance would sustain itself.  More and more we see those organizations whose ideology not only leans but certainly is to the far left, growing closer and closer to a Socialist or Communist way of an America most of us know as a free thinking, yes, and capitalist Republic.  We have managed to limit a movement towards a Socialist State, but, each time we elect a radical activist like our current president, we come closer to effecting the change to a way of life most of us know is wrong for America!


What is it about “Occupy” that is appealing to you or anyone?  I know your not drawn to “Occupy” and surely do not want to suggest that anyone on this site would find “Occupy” appealing.  But, we clearly know there are some out there who are drawn or find “Occupy” a way of life, not one any of us fully understand, at least I never have.  There are far too many who will find “Occupy” a way to feed their need to have a “cause” or at least think they have one.  A cause?  How anyone could feel that harming strangers, damaging property of others, or our government, and following someone who has no idea of what they themselves believe, is a good thing?  I just find it incredible that there are so many who blindly follow anyone who would lead them to poverty or dependence as a way of life!


Do any of us really want to see our beloved country go Communist?  I think not!  Well, if we are serious then we must act and I mean vote and get others to vote for whoever will be running against President Obama come November, and right now that appears to be Governor Mit Romney.  So, if that was not your man before now, I suggest that all of us get behind him and get over that “our” candidate did not or does not or will not be the candidate to run against Obama.  It clearly appears that Gov. Romney will be the Republican Party’s candidate, so unless you don’t care if we become a communist state, I really think all of us stand together and support the man who will run, and God willing, win and become our next President!  Time is running out and I for one will do all I can to make sure I voice my opinions and concerns about this coming election, pray, and hope that Gov. Romney can stand up to the barrage of hate adds against him, and there will be many.  Please don’t let him fight this fight without yours or my support; he will need it, and more.


Glenn Beck’s GBTV is and will continue to be a very informative and educational means of communicating what the liberal press will never communicate, it’s called the truth!  If you are not a subscriber, I really think you would benefit checking it out and think about it.  What you can learn there is something that you can only learn there, without spending endless time researching it yourself.  Glenn Beck has always encouraged those who do follow him on GBTV to research what you do not trust and find out yourself, and not to take his word for anything.  I have done just that and have found that everything he has communicated, relative to the topics, is accurate and true.  At least I have not been able to dispute any of his suggestions or thoughts on our country or it future should we not take notice of the direction we are headed!  I know I am an old Vietnam Vet who plods along trying to make a small difference on what we need to do, if we plan to be the free Republic our forefathers intended us to be, or at least hoped we would be.


Well, I am rambling now and I guess I am responding to my medications, sorry, I am just afraid for our nation, the one I swore to defend and protect way back in 1963.  Well, I am still the same man, be it I am a rambling old man, inside my thoughts and concerns are as vivid today as they were so many years ago.  I will be going in for surgery, yes another one, next month and will be out of it for a while as I go through rehab etc, so my contributions will be limited.  We cannot afford to ignore what lay ahead, should we do so, the price will be more than any of us really will want to pay.  Once I am on my feet, so to speak, I will be as active as my limited tired body will allow.  I love my country, as much today as when I swore to defend and protect her way back in 1963.  So, I conclude by repeating what I first stated, “stand by our choice” even if he is not the one we hoped would be the one to run against President Obama!  It is time to stand up and be counted; we all need to do that.  I know I will do what I can to “get the vote out” when the time comes. 

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"Nation Under God Shall Have A New Birth Of Freedom."

I pledge allegiance to the Flag,
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
One Nation, under God
Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.



CDC Doctor Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, The Truth

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CDC Doctor Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, The Truth- YouTube link is below, 9 pages of documented facts in comment area, CDC Doctor, Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, Missing Feared Dead. Please do try to debunk this info, pay close attention to page 7 and as of today, Views: 145832 :…Continue


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Ten Commandments of Human Relations

The fundamental issue in human ethical behavior is summarized by Jesus in what we have come to call "The Golden Rule." Jesus put it this way:

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 7:12 TNIV).

It asks us to test our treatment of others by putting ourselves in their place. Treat others the way you would want them to treat you in the same or similar circumstance.

Somebody took that principle and translated it into Ten Commandments of Human Relations. You may have seen this anonymous piece, for it circulates in a variety of settings. In case you have missed it, I am reproducing it here.

Speak to people. There is nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greeting.

Smile at people. It takes 72 muscles to frown, only 14 to smile.

Call people by name. It is music to anyone’s ears to hear the sound of his or her name.

Be friendly and helpful.

Be cordial. Speak and act as if everything you do is genuinely a pleasure. If it isn’t, learn to make it so.

Be genuinely interested in people. You can like almost anyone, if you try.

Be generous with praise, cautious with criticism.

Be considerate of the feelings of others. There are usually three sides to a controversy — yours, the other fellow’s, and the correct one.

Be alert to serve. What counts most in life is what you do for others.

Live with a good sense of humor, a generous dose of patience, and a dash of humility appropriate to being human.

Made in God’s image, all of us have something to be valued!

The great challenge in human experience is not work skills, but people skills. That is, research has shown that the majority of people who fail in their vocation do so because they cannot get along with people.

You might think through the meaning of these ten common-sense ideas for your own workplace and personal activity. But what about the larger setting for your daily life? These principles work everywhere you go, for they are about showing respect to the people you meet in all those places.

Made in God’s image, all of us have something to be valued, affirmed, and acknowledged by others. But let it begin with us to acknowledge it in them. As the cycle of giving and receiving enlarges, the human community comes alive.

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