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Started by Sharon Taylor Jan 20, 2013. 0 Replies

On Tuesday some house democrats introduced a bill:The Public Option Deficit Reduction Act, H.R. 261, was introduced by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), along with 44 other House Democrats.Time to burn…Continue

Tags: option, public, healthcare

The Lifestile Killing Effects Of Obama Care, Five Procedures That Have Transformed Aging For Older Americans Outlawed By Obama

Started by Christian Jorgensen. Last reply by Paul Mattson Dec 5, 2012. 4 Replies

Our golden years are NOT going to be as bright as we thought they would this article to find out what is going to rain on your parade if you are already a senior citizen.  For the younger…Continue

Obama accepts 'Osama bin Laden' donations , No block to foreign money – not even from dead terrorists

Started by jolee ca (admin). Last reply by Sis Oct 30, 2012. 3 Replies

WASHINGTON – Using a Pakistani Internet Protocol and proxy server, a disposable credit card and a fake address, “Osama bin Laden” has successfully donated twice to Barack Obama’s presidential…Continue

Much More Than Just A Coincidence, Must Read

Started by Christian Jorgensen. Last reply by Christian Jorgensen Oct 25, 2012. 7 Replies

 This lengthy, but very interesting collection of amazing COINCIDENCES will provide you with a few minutes of WOW! You can choose to read it  or delete it, whatever. Of course you may also choose to…Continue

Tags: Federal, Citibank, Savings, Bank, New

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Comment by Cheryl on February 6, 2012 at 11:21pm

Nice kitty, nice kitty.  Whoops! 

Good one Michael :)

Comment by Cheryl on February 6, 2012 at 11:17pm

Thought you should know that the book, "Understanding Women" is now out is paperback. Hey, we can't help it if God created us as complex people.

Comment by Michael Colwell on February 6, 2012 at 11:17pm

Woof woooof did yiu see that Darn Cat???????????



Comment by Michael Colwell on February 6, 2012 at 11:15pm

Comment by Michael Colwell on February 6, 2012 at 11:11pm

Hay Paul      your kitty is loose again,



Comment by Paul Mattson on February 6, 2012 at 7:55pm

Comment by Cheryl on February 6, 2012 at 3:42pm

This would be better printed out to be read at someone's liesure, it is very long and also 3 parts.  Some of the same groups and goings-on that Christian was talking about.  This one I just got from another site is on the long history of the disarmament of America.  A slow but surefire plan.

Comment by Cheryl on February 6, 2012 at 3:09pm

Everyone of you are so right.  Thanks for the videos Christian, and I will watch when I get time.  I can tell you right now that I will not find them trumped-up conspiracy, and you are right; this has been going on for a long time.

That is exactly what I told someone on another site Rick, we are not picking our candidates or presidents, they are pre-picked.  Hillary thought she had it in the bag last election, but then no, her turn will be next time.  Romney went down in a flash last time, but now it is his turn.  Thank the RNC for our part; they ignorned so many constitutionalists and they give money and air time to the handpicked ones.  I have wrote and told them so many times exactly why they would never get a penny from me.

On Bush Sr., I knew we were in big trouble as soon as he got in there and started talking about the "points of light".  That is nothing more than a new age, NWO signal to the groups that Christian alluded to.

I was watching a minister last night talking about what you referred to Rick, the candidates not all being the same but they pretty well wanted what was best for our country.  He was talking about all the lies that have been spewed about them on the History channel and others.  As he was putting it, they will tell you one thing on our founders that sounds horrible, but they leave out the rest of the story that explains it full, so they can discredit them.  It seems the Declaration of Independence he was referring to, not sure.  He said true, all of them were not Christians, but neither were they what they have been made out to be.  At least half of them were ordained ministers and if a person will study it and think about it, most of that document is taken right out of the Bible.  And people can't see what is wrong in our country--gay rights, abortion, the rights to protect ourselves being taken away (yes he even gave a verse for that) and so many other things that go against the grain of those who are taking us on this downhill slide.

Comment by Rick Perry on February 6, 2012 at 1:14pm

Thanks Conrad I ordered those two books, I look forward to reading them.  -- 

I commented what I'm about to say on a blog I wrote and I'm going to repeat it here because we are all worried that we are going to have the Republican American Idol President selected for us.   We have a severe problem with politics in our Country.  The system is broken.  How many times have you heard a politician say that?  They all do, eventually, on both sides.  Now I don't know about you but if my plumbing, or my heating,  or my electricity were broken in my house, I'd get them fixed.  I'd probably research first and see if it was something I could do on my own, and if not I'd call a professional.  Have you ever heard a politician, after saying the system was broken, offer any kind of plan to repair it?  Have you ever seen them set up a committee to call in professionals and inquire as to how to fix it? They aren't going to do that cause with it broken it serves them just fine.  We are not picking our candidates for President, the Parties do.  Our whole system of Government is being run by the Parties.  We had sweeping success in electing Tea Party Candidates in the last election, how did that work out for you?  Except for one or two, I can't really see any difference.  In fact I've see where some of the Tea Party Candidates have voted for legislation that we don't want and then they said well the Party wanted me to vote that way.  Well the Party really didn't put you there, or did they?  When Obama made all those appointments while the congress was out of session last month, did Congress do anything about it?  Yeah they slapped him on the hand and said publicly he shouldn't have done it, but all the while they will not condemn it, because the Republicans are pretty sure they'll be in charge this next cycle...and then they can do it too. Our politicians are not loyal to us, they are loyal to the Parties.  We lost them a long time ago.  The Party system is what is ruining our Country.  They have loyalty to only one thing, money.  They say they have opposing ideas, but do they?  The Republicans say they want smaller Government and lower taxes, but when was the last time that they were in power that they actually did that?  I say both parties have the same goal, and that is to keep us fat, blind, and lazy.  They have gerrymandered the districts so that what ever party they were designed for stay that way.  That's not representation. We must take back our politicians and to do that we have talk to each other.   We have no dialog in our Country any longer.  Once someone says something we don't like, we quit listening and are against them.  We must start talking again in this Country, you won't always agree with everyone, that's ok.  We can discuss and debate the issues and find common ground that we can all agree on.  People really are not all that different.  Ok, I agree we will never have a dialog with the anarchist, communists that are organizing the Occupy movement.  We may though, be able to have a dialog with some of it's members.  They are being used and don't know it.   The fact that we don't all agree on everything is what has made our Country great for 200 years. It's why someone can immigrate here and become an American.  It's a tradition that goes all the way back to the Continental Congress, they certainly did not agree on everything, but they discussed it, debated it, even argued it, until they came up with something everyone agreed on.  It wasn't perfect, even though we like to say the Constitution was perfect, it wasn't.  It was the most perfect document to made up to that time...and maybe even today.  The founders were people like us, they had things they liked and things they didn't.  Some were from the South and some were from the North, believe me those guys had different beliefs, and we still do.  If we do not get a dialog in this Country and all stand together to force our politicians to listen to the people instead of the Parties, we  will lose this Country.   George Washington knew this and stated it in his farewell address.   We must get our communities working together to take care of the people in need through our religious institutions, that's the way it was before.  Communities took care of themselves.  I can remember when it was a stigma to take a handout from the Government.  People were too proud to do that.  This has been in my short lifetime that things have changed.  If they changed in that time doesn't it seem logical that we can change it back in that amount of time?  

Comment by Christian Jorgensen on February 6, 2012 at 9:26am

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