People running for President in 2012 WE HAVE 8 CANDIDATES SO FAR.


CongressLady Michele Bachmann

Running for President of the United States. 2012

CongressLady Michele Bachmann

Conservative-TeaParty Grassroots movement.



Richard John Santorum

United States Senator


Running for President of the United States 2012

In office
January 3, 1995 – January 3, 2007

Rick Santorum

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Tim Pawlenty-Former Minnesota Governor

Tim Pawlenty

Running for President of The United States 2012


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 Congressman Ron Paul of Texas

Ron Paul

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 Republican (1976–1988)
Libertarian (1988 Presidential Election)
Republican (1988–present)



Herman Cain--Businessman-CEO of God Father's Pizza


Herman Cain


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He did very well in the Presidental Debate





Gary E. Johnson

Former New Mexico Governor

Gary E. Johnson

Running for the President of The United States 

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Johnson holds fiscally conservative, socially liberal libertarian views



Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman, Jr. Formal Gov.Utah

United Stes Ambassador to China Worked for Obama

Huntsman is a Republican, with conservative fiscal credentials and a mixture of positions on social issues. He has been described as "a conservative technocrat-optimist with moderate positions who was willing to work substantively with President Barack Obama."[



Newt Gingrich

Newton Leroy "Newt" Gingrich


American politician who served as the 58th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999. He represented Georgia's 6th congressional district as a Republican member from 1979 to 1999.

He is a Republican candidate in 2012 for President of the United States.





Willard Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Former Governor of Masschusetts


Residents in Belmont, Massachjusetts

and San Diego California

Republican -Moderate-Libertarian

Mormon- Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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No to Obamas buddy  Huntsman


I know that is right Lillian, they are still trying to be sneaky like snakes in the grass.

Opps I forgot Mitt Romney, so now you know whom I like least. Mitt Romney.

Democrat in Republican Clothes. Reminds me kind of Al Gore.

Would like to see Rick Perry and Sarah Palin join in on this



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