This is a group dedicated to honoring our brave soldiers and veterans who have put themselves in harm’s way to protect freedom around the world. We can never repay that debt, but we can let them know how much they are appreciated.

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Thank you for your service and your sacrifice!

Corporal David K Mendoza -       US Army - Fort Riley, Kansas
1st ID - 4IBCT Dragon Brigade - 4BSTB -Wolverines
Deployed to Iraq - September 2009 - July 2010
Staged to deploy to Afghanistan - sometime early 2012
(stepson of Scott Johnson)

 SGT David William Wallace, KIA Jan. 27th 09, Hemand province Afghanistan, (Erica Belcher's husband's best friend)

SSGT Joe Belcher , USMC, (Husband of Erica Belcher)

LCPL Kyle Patrick McDermott, USMC, Afghanistan, son of Father Pat

TSGT Uvin a. Clough Jr., USAF, R, member

LCpl. Dennis L.McKenzie, II, U.S.M.C., Iraq, Camp LeJeune, NC, Son of Sheryll Sanderson

Cpl. William A. McKenzie , U.S.M.C., Iraq, Camp LeJeune, Son of Sheryll Sanderson

PFC Kiel Kovalcik, USMC, Camp Pendleton, Son of Debbie

CPL. Bachner, Micah J., Fort Bragg, NC. , friend of Sharon F.

2ND LT Sharon Hyland, USMC, Friend of Chuck Gatto

SGT Ian W. Keyser, US Army, Friend of Chuck Gatto

SSGT Myrtle Grace Greer,Army Military Police, Iraq Vet/Afghanistan, Friend and Member

PFC Carl J. Sandstrom III , Iraq - Army combat engineer, Son of PJ Sandstrom

Dustin Jones, Army, formerly in Afghanistan, Stationed in Fort Hood, Texas, Cousin of MannaBraeBullm

PVT Jonathan A. Clark, Basic Training, Fort Sill, OK , Son of Pennsylvania Patriot

CPL Clarke R. Lewis, Army, Iraq/Afghanistan, Nephew of Otis Stratton

Lt. Jared M. Morgenstern, Army, Afghanistan, Son of Patricia (PA)

Sgt. James W. Kresge, Army, Iraq, Surrogate Son of Patricia (PA)

Michael McClendon, USMC, Paris Island, SC, nephew of Emery McClendon

SPC Laura Carnahan, Army, Iraq, Niece of Donna )

David A. Gessel, IL National Guard, Paris Island, son of Gary M. Gessel

 Lawrence J. Hutson, USAF, brother of Chaplain J.

Stacy L. Hutson, Army, Iraq, brother of Chaplain J.

Sgt. James C. Morgan, Army Ranger, Afghanistan, member and friend

ABN Veteran
Baker, Robert E.

Benoist, John Pierre


Brunswick  US Navy, 1961-5. Electronic Technician (Radar) Petty Officer 3rd.

on USS Barney (DDG-6) scrapped. At sea, 2 yrs, 9 mos, 24 days, Cuban Crises, visited 17 countries. Civil Defense, 3 yrs, Radiological & Operations Officer

1sgt Bud Parker Ret. US Army

Captain Calvin
Carl B.

Carpanzano, JD
Carson, Barry 
USAF '63/'66
Chaplain J.
Colwell, MSgt Michael J USAF (retired) 1969-2005

Cone, Mick

Crenshaw, Cindy

David C. Morgan
Dennis AKA Quickdraw
Dennis Tex
Downey,  David

Drayer, Tom

Eastes, Michael

Ford, Danny

Freedom Fighter
Gabbard, Conrad C.

Gatehouse, Gary 
 (Gettin' After Lefty)
Gatto, Chuck

Geremia, Michael
Gessel, Gary M.

Gregory Jr, Milton F.

Gray, Willis T. Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.)

Griffin, James D.
Halpern, Richard

Hammonds, Lewis H.
Haynes, Arthur L.

Hays, Paul A.
Hughes, Thomas W.
James R. (Jim Boy)
John Sr.

Jorgensen,  Christian  VN Vet First Calv.
Keel, Jack
Kent, Bishop Richard A.

Klingensmith, Stephen W.

Kutney, Heidi

Larkin, Ruth
Lester, Robert

Lewis, Ben D. 

Links, William
Mahaffy, John
Max T

McClendon, Emery

MC CORMACK,  JIM   Korean War vet (Navy Air )

Mei, Lisa
Momma T.
Morgan, David C.

Morgan, James
Odom, Luther

Paul A. Hays
Paul D. Peterson
Phillips, Stanley
Rev. David Felten
Rev. Michelle A. Smith
Rev. Mike Written
Robinson, Jim

Russell Van Marter, Kim
Shipes, Norman


Snell, Robert S. 
Sommerfeld, Michael

Stein,  Jerry A.   (aka VNVet52 Oath Keeper)

Stewart, Thom
Stingray SFO (Oath Keeper); USN Special Warfare Ops, Guantanamo Missle Crisis, 1960-1962
Stratton, Otis

Striped Chicken
Tapscott,  David     (aka "Jarhead")

Taylor, James W.
Tragula, Trin

Tucker, Bill
Umbenhower, Elder Brian J.  Vn Vet US Navy

Vegas Trucker

Wilder,  Jim  (aka "Soaring Eagle") VNVet 1967-'69

Winkler,  Robert    (aka Sailor)


Alfonso, Benjamin F. (husband of Penny)  U.S. Navy during the Cuban Missile Crisis under JFK.

  Bailey, Christopher Banning  (son of Nan Bailey)

Petty Officer First Class,  Machinist Mate

 Bailey, Richard Matthew (son of Nan Bailey)

Petty Officer First Class,  Machinist Mate

 Carson, Barry  Jr. USN '03/'07  (Son of Barry Carson)
Sommerfeld,Charles N.  (Michael Sommerfeld's dad) Commander, United States Navy WWII
PFC Julian Skora, Army WW II, (Father of Susan Vinyei)
SPC Kevin P Duffy, Iraq,  (Son of Tammy)
SMSGT Robert Lester (Ret) Air Force (Husband of Barbara Lester)
SGT. James Hodgkiss, B-5-7 Calvary, Iraq, May he rest in peace.
Herman DeKraker, Army, WWII, (Grandfather of  Andrew Williams)
Keith Needham, SPC, Army Service Metal, (Brother-in-Law of Andrew Willams)
Kurt Sandstrom , USAF, Desert Storm, Iraq, (Son of PJ Sandstrom)
Erik Sandstrom , SGT, US Army 1st Strikers, Iraq, (Son of PJ Sandstrom)
Frank L. Metairie, Master SGT, WWII, (Father of The Mayor of Metairie)
Mildred Mann, Army Nurse, WWII, 95 yrs young, (Mother-in-law of The Mayor of Metairie)
Otis S. Goin, Sr.,CW5 Army WWII, Philippines, Ft. Bliss, TX postwar, (Grandfather of Otis Stratton)
Donald Stratton, SFC, USS Arizona, WWII, (Uncle of Otis Stratton)
H. Dwayne Stratton,Ssgt, Ft. Hood, TX/Ft. Sill/Ft. Carson, (Father of Otis Stratton)
Raymon E. Carter, SGT/MP/Rangers, Army, Vietnam, (Uncle of Otis Stratton)
Edwin H. Henson, Navy Seal, Vietnam, (Uncle of Otis Stratton)
Robert W. Goin, SPC, Army, (Uncle of Otis Stratton)
Otis S. Goin, Jr. SPC5, Army, Vietnam, (Uncle of Otis Stratton)
Wayne R. Stratton, SGT, Ft. Hood, (Brother of Otis Stratton)
Chris J. King, Jr. CPL, WWII, CPL, Okinawa , (Uncle of Otis Stratton)
William O. Stratton, SPC, Army, AL, (Uncle of Otis Stratton)
Floyd O. Stratton, USAF, NM, (Uncle of Otis Stratton)
Joseph Stratton, PVT, CSA, INF, 29th NC, Great, (great great gf of Otis Stratton)
David C. Stratton, PVT, CSA, Powhatten/Virginia Artillery (great great gf of Otis Stratton)
Leonidas McQueen, 11th MO, INF COL CSA, Great, (great gf of Otis Stratton)
William Alexander McQueen, Palmetto Artillerty, Southern Cross of Honor, Gettysburg, Great, (great, great grandfather of Otis Stratton)
Seaman Collins, CSA, 1 of few survivors aboard CSS HL Hunley, (Uncle of Otis Stratton)
Alfred J. Colassi, COR, USMC, Korea, (Father of Donna Marie Pearson)
William Kenney, SGT, Army, (Uncle of Donna Marie Pearson)
Arnold R Lineman , Vietnam, (Brother of Sandra J.)
James R Jones Jr., (Husband of Sandra J.)
Roger Muntz, Naval Chief Petty Officer , (Uncle of Sandra J.)
Ronald Salazar, AF Staff Sergent , (Son of Sandra J.)
John W Painter, FSGT,US Calvery, Ft Robbinson NE, (Grandfather of Gayle) Charles Painter , PVT, Army, WWII, (Uncle of Gayle)
Lloyd Painter , CSM, Army Intelligence, WWII, Korea,Vietnam, (Uncle of Gayle)
Ray M Painter, CMSGT, USAF, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, (Father of Gayle)

Robert L Sutter, PVT, Army, WWII, (Father-In-Law of Gayle)
Steven R Sutter, Vietnam, AFC, USAF, (Husband of Gayle)

Joseph W. Wright, E-5, Coast Guard, Haitian Interception, (Husband of Roxanne Wright)
Larry N. Truax, PVT, Army, Vietnam, (Father of Roxanne Wright)
Norman W. Truax, PVT, Army,WWII,European Stage, (GF of Roxanne Wright)
Lyle Brainerd, PVT, Army, Signal Corps, WWII, Okinawa, K.I.A. (GG Uncle of Roxanne Wright)
Stephen Lee McNutt, 3rd , Army Infantry Civil War, (GG father of Roxanne Wright)
Henry Clay Mongar, Army, Infantry Civil War, 3rd (GG father of Roxanne Wright)
Elisha Brainerd, Revolutionary War, 6th (Great Grandfather of Roxanne Wright)

Family of Sitngray SFO:

Lucille Alderson, Lt. USN Medical Corp. WWII Europe (aunt)
Manly Alderson Jr., Sgt. US Army Engineers WWII Panama Canal (uncle)
Andrew Los, PFC USMC Afghanistan (grandson)
James Smith, USN Atlantic Fleet (grandson)
Deceased Veterans:
Monte Denning Sr., Sgt, LAPD military liason WWII (grandfather)
Monte Denning Jr., US Army Missle Defense Engineer WWII (father)
Manly Alderson Sr., Major US Army, WWII Europe (grandfather)
Peter Los, EM3, USS Arkansas, Japan WWII (step father)

If their is anyone you would like added to the honor wall

please contact me with the name and information............................jolee



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Comment by Barry 'Bigbare' Carson on February 1, 2012 at 9:06pm
Comment by Carl B on December 30, 2011 at 10:04am

aha!  That's cool...I've often thought about how to surrepticiously gather informal feedback from the troops regarding their apologizer-in-chief...that's a good start!  Thanks!

Comment by Patricia-PA on December 30, 2011 at 9:16am

He is, and has asked kind of secretly for us to do everything we can to get Obobo out of office, since he can't.

Comment by Carl B on December 29, 2011 at 12:09pm

SIncere congratulations...sure he's aware of your "war" on the homefront!

Comment by Patricia-PA on December 29, 2011 at 12:06pm

Oh and Captain and his wife had a second baby in June, a daughter Amelia. My 3rd grandbaby!

Comment by Patricia-PA on December 29, 2011 at 12:03pm

Update on my boys:

Jared M. Morgenstern is now a Captain.  Served a year in Korea, is back in the states and serving at Fort Lee in Washington State.  He may end up in Afghanistan for another tour.  

Sgt. James W. Kresge has honorably discharged from the army.  He lives locally in PA and seven months ago he and his wife had a daughter named Anne Reagan.  

Both are doing well.

Will keep you posted on Captain Morgenstern's deployments.

Comment by Christian Jorgensen on July 16, 2011 at 2:59pm
I stand with you Stanley.
Comment by Christian Jorgensen on July 16, 2011 at 2:58pm
Amen PJ, Amen. Good to see you back with us. I am so glad to hear your son is home and safe. I remember when he left. Now if we can just win the war at home and defeat this great evil called progressivism.
Comment by Stanley Phillips on July 16, 2011 at 9:06am
PJ, This Vietnam Veteran thanks your son for his service.
Comment by PJ (mod) on July 16, 2011 at 8:08am
I would like to thank all the members of this group and this site for their thoughts and prayers for the men and women who are serving and have served this country.  I am happy to report that my youngest son, Carl Sandstrom, is now home after doing his hitch which included a year in Iraq.  For the most part he is doing well, and I am glad that he is back in the states.  I will continue to hold all of our service men and women in my heart and prayers.  Their sacrifices are beyond what most folks in this country realize in order to keep our country free.  Thank you again for your support....PJ

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Dog Tags for Kids

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Active Duty Military Personnel, 1940–2007

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