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March 2016 Blog Posts (10)

PROOPH That Obama is a MUSLIM

Since Prayer day was started by president Truman every president had obeyed it. Then Obama canceled

prayer and celebrated the Muslim day with many Muslims in the Whitehouse. BAD BOY!!!!! You ought to

be castrated then hung up by your empty scrotum for several days.

Added by Don W Boyer on March 27, 2016 at 11:24am — No Comments

1842: The Ballot Box The Urn of Fate

In a Republican government the ballot box is the Urn of Fate: yet no God shakes the bowl or presides over the lot. If the ballot-box is open wisdom and patriotism and humanity, it is equally open to ignorance and…


Added by Thomas Hubbard on March 26, 2016 at 9:54pm — No Comments

June 22nd, 1797: Fifth Congress - Act Concerning Aliens

 That it shall be lawful for the President of the United States at any time during the  continuance of this act, to order all such aliens as he shall judge dangerous to the peace and safety of the United…


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Dec. 30th, 1818: Charles Pinckney to John Quincy Adams

Division of the Powers of Government into legislative, executive & judicial & of making the Government to operate directly upon the People & not upon  the…


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Humanity Party Exposed by Anonymous

 Humanity Party Exposed by Anonymous, this story has a twist, Anonymous Activist promoting a new Constitution for the United States of America. As it turns out they are who they state they are. A news twist worth sharing.

  This will be part 2 of Humanity Party Exposed by Anonymous, so it is true the New World Order, their New Constitution, looks like a poorly created amendment to The United States Constitution. This is their constructed New…


Added by Henry Massingale on March 20, 2016 at 7:30pm — No Comments

Oct. 3, 1789: Washingtons Day of Prayer Proclamation.

  Whereas it is the Duty of all Nations to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God, to obey…


Added by Thomas Hubbard on March 18, 2016 at 10:06am — No Comments


On his very first day in office, president Donald Trump will send shockwaves around the world, not by doing anything, but just by being. From a prophecy perspective, this will immediately reset the table with every nation hostile to us, and with every nation that has gotten used to pushing around a second-rate America under the Obama reign of terror. For the first time since the reestablishment of Israel in 1948, there will exist the possibility that literally anything can happen. The…


Added by Barb. on March 17, 2016 at 1:00am — No Comments

Are Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton now leaders of the #DumpTrump campaign?

March 16, 2016/in , …


Added by Barb. on March 16, 2016 at 3:28am — No Comments

Dec.1, 1697: Turkish Fast - Printed by Monthly Mercury - Boston

ISIS of the Seventeenth Century, what we see today is nothing new, our Founders knew of the dangers of  Islam.…


Added by Thomas Hubbard on March 11, 2016 at 3:33pm — No Comments

Sept. 20, 1776: William Williams to Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. [ A Message for 2016]

Are the Ministers of the Gospel alive & awake & lifting up their Voices like a trumpet & sounding the Alarm of the Almighty's Anger & Wrath ready to  ready to burst on the defenseless Heads of a Guilty People? Are they warning the wicked of their infinite Danger animating them & arousing to Consideration? Are they with ardent Zeal & Fervour animating & enlivening the languid…


Added by Thomas Hubbard on March 9, 2016 at 10:59am — No Comments

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"Nation Under God Shall Have A New Birth Of Freedom."

I pledge allegiance to the Flag,
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
One Nation, under God
Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.



Live Leaks: Douglas High School Shooting Exclusive Report | TTTG

Started by Henry Massingale in Uncategorized Jul 11. 0 Replies

 Live Leaks: Douglas High School Shooting Exclusive Report by Toptentogo's News Network, Douglas High School Shooting pdf 2018 released by the Broward County Sheriffs Department.CAD Computer Aid Dispatch pdf old and new 2018 updated docs at bottom of page.…Continue


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Ten Commandments of Human Relations

The fundamental issue in human ethical behavior is summarized by Jesus in what we have come to call "The Golden Rule." Jesus put it this way:

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 7:12 TNIV).

It asks us to test our treatment of others by putting ourselves in their place. Treat others the way you would want them to treat you in the same or similar circumstance.

Somebody took that principle and translated it into Ten Commandments of Human Relations. You may have seen this anonymous piece, for it circulates in a variety of settings. In case you have missed it, I am reproducing it here.

Speak to people. There is nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greeting.

Smile at people. It takes 72 muscles to frown, only 14 to smile.

Call people by name. It is music to anyone’s ears to hear the sound of his or her name.

Be friendly and helpful.

Be cordial. Speak and act as if everything you do is genuinely a pleasure. If it isn’t, learn to make it so.

Be genuinely interested in people. You can like almost anyone, if you try.

Be generous with praise, cautious with criticism.

Be considerate of the feelings of others. There are usually three sides to a controversy — yours, the other fellow’s, and the correct one.

Be alert to serve. What counts most in life is what you do for others.

Live with a good sense of humor, a generous dose of patience, and a dash of humility appropriate to being human.

Made in God’s image, all of us have something to be valued!

The great challenge in human experience is not work skills, but people skills. That is, research has shown that the majority of people who fail in their vocation do so because they cannot get along with people.

You might think through the meaning of these ten common-sense ideas for your own workplace and personal activity. But what about the larger setting for your daily life? These principles work everywhere you go, for they are about showing respect to the people you meet in all those places.

Made in God’s image, all of us have something to be valued, affirmed, and acknowledged by others. But let it begin with us to acknowledge it in them. As the cycle of giving and receiving enlarges, the human community comes alive.

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