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America's BIG give away!!

Obama is giving our money to about 150 different countries of the 197 on Earth, and is doing this while millions

of Americans are losing their jobs and homes. Thousands are going hungry and 60,000,000 are on food stamps.

Many of these countries are Muslim and Sharia is the law. They hate America and want to destroy us and our allies. Despite this Obama wants to give our money away as fast as possible! In many cases the amount he gave

excedes what was requested. Below are…


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A Rational Fear of Islamism: ‘Not all fears are irrational, nor criticism unwarranted’

Posted on National Review Online-By ROBERT SPENCER &
DAVID HOROWITZ-On September 30, 2011:

In recent months, several reports have appeared to a generally uncritical reception in the press, which purport to expose alleged conspiracies organized by “Islamophobes” against American citizens who mean us no harm. These reports single out for condemnation a dozen prominent conservative figures (and mostly the same dozen), who have publicly criticized the…


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The Pentagon Budget and the Deficit!

What’s wrong with this picture?

Editorial Posted on The New York Times-On September 26, 2011:

“It was not just two mismanaged wars and trillions of dollars in misconceived and poorly supervised weapons contracts that drove Pentagon spending to unsustainable levels over the past decade — about $700 billion for last year alone.…


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Fed Plotting to Monitor Critics, Tailor Propaganda!

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Posted on The NewAmerican-By ALEX NEWMAN-On September 27, 2011:

The Federal Reserve is seeking contractors to build a tool that will monitor and analyze blogs, news reports, and social-media chatter about the central bank and its policies, with a goal of being able to use “public relations” strategies to counter the growing barrage of negative publicity. But critics quickly added to the institution’s…


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Lloyd Marcus Defends Tea Party on Fox & Friends

Tuesday, I flew up to New York from Florida to appear on a Wednesday 7:15am segment on the Fox News channel's Fox & Friends. Typically, CNN & Fox send a car to drive me to a studio in Orlando. This was the first time I had to fly to New York to be “live” on the set.…


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White House, experts dismiss Iran naval threat to U.S. coast!

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Posted on Ashley Fantz and Tom Cohen, CNN-On September 29, 2011:

(CNN) -- The White House on Wednesday dismissed an Iranian threat to deploy warships near the U.S. coast, and military experts said Iran lacks the naval capability to do so.

Overnight Tuesday, Iranian state news quoted a commander as saying his country plans to have a…


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The Illuminati Agenda

(Best Historical Overview Yet-

Transcript of 1967 Recording)

[Editor's Note: The following is a transcript of a recording distributed in 1967 by Myron C. Fagan. He had hoped that if enough Americans had heard (or read) this summary, the Illuminati's plan to destroy America would have been aborted, just as Russia's Alexander I had torpedoed the Illuminati's plans for a One World, League of Nations at the Congress of Vienna from 1814-15. Fagan correctly… Continue

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What Did Obama Promise Arabs After 2012 Election?

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Posted on Aaron Klein-On September 28, 2011:

“The Obama administration told the Palestinian Authority it cannot significantly help advance a Palestinian state until after the 2012 presidential elections, a top PA official told WND.

The official, however, said the U.S. will press for a Palestinian state quickly if President Obama is re-elected.

“The main message we received from the U.S. is that…


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Europe Stunned After Being Told “Obama Is Not In Charge”!

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Posted by EU Times-On September 18, 2011:

“A new report prepared by Russian Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko about the Eurogroup meeting of the Informal Economic and Financial Affairs Council (…


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More Solar Conpany scandals are coming soon.

Obama is a SLOW learner. Another $5,000,000,000 will soon be loaned by the government to 4 solar companies. Is it a coincidence that all 4 are owned by Democrats? Or are they friends of Obama, or maybe just big donors to his campaign fund.  Obama is "building" a huge war chest and he may need it because both the black voters and the Hispanic voters are very unhappy with him. There probably aren't enough Muslim voters to make up for the loss of the other two.

The solar companies who…


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American Exeptionalism

Lately, I’ve seen several different articles and posts on American Exceptionalism. The first person to notice or make a statement that was close to American Exceptionalism was Alexis de Tocqueville, who said, America is exceptional, because it had come from a Revolution that was based on liberty, self reliance, and the common person free from a ruling class and private business free from over regulation. Basically stating that there was no “Class” system in the United States.  He marveled at…


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More proof Obama is a Muslim

Obama has admitted being raised as  a Muslim but has stated that when he became interested in politics his wife

convinced him to convert to Christianity. Now you may believe him but I don't and I'll tell you why.

1. Muslims who do convert to another religion are often killed by a family member or a more devout Muslim'

2.He has said that in a dispute between Muslims and non-muslims he would favor the Muslims.

3.He wants Isreal, our only ally in the mid east, to go…


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Dispute over Obama's background moving well into 2012 campaign!

Posted on Bob Unruh-On September 26, 2011:

The dispute over Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president erupted during the 2008 election campaign and featured among others a lawsuit filed on behalf of Ambassador Alan Keyes against California election officials who did not check whether Obama was eligibile. Now the 2012 campaign is charging ahead at full throttle, and the issue is still alive.

That’s because the case was before the U.S. Supreme Court for…


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Obama’s Blunder: Missing Libyan Surface To Air Missiles!

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Posted on Dick Morris And Eileen McGann-On September 28, 2011:

For twenty years – long before 9/11 – the danger of terrorists armed with surface to air missiles shooting at passenger planes has been the secret fear of many top political leaders. In the late 90s, a terrorist network was nabbed trying to bring them into Newark Airport, but the airline industry and the government have done nothing to…


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Judge Judy - Here's Who You Support With Taxes

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The Post-Racial Echo Chamber of Ignorance!

Right On!

Posted on BlackSphere-By Kevin Jackson-On September 1, 2011:

“Welcome to the echo chamber of ignorance of the Left’s post-racial America. Black Liberals thought that electing a black president would make them happier than a Michael Vick pound pup, but instead most are now madder than Whoopi Goldberg’s blind date.

In an America where black achievement can be seen and heard…


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Gov. Chris Christie’s Ties to Radical Islam: Deal-breaker

“Governor Christie’s Dirty Islamist Ties”

By Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish

New Jersey, the Garden State, has just taken its first step toward becoming the Sharia State, with Governor Christie’s nomination of Sohail Mohammed, an attorney to detained terrorist suspects, to a Superior Court judgeship…


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1. Council of Ten - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar

You +1'd this publicly. UndoThe Council of Ten, or simply the Ten, was, from

1310 to 1797, one of the major governing bodies of the Republic of Venice whose

actions were often secretive. ...

Origins - Composition - Activities - Attempts at reform►

2. The Committee of Ten: Main Report -… Continue

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How the money you pay as taxes is being wasted thanks to Pelosi, Barney Frank, & Dennis Kucinich

Here is where some of your money went:

1.Museum where Neon Signs go to Die-----$1,800,000

2.Free Grateful Dead Archive------$615,000

3. Poems in a zoo---------------------$997,766----I wonder which animals they taught to read??

4.Critter crossing-----------------$150,000 ---I think this was a tunnel under a road in Florida for turtles.

                                                                                           Do you know if they hired a…


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View the… Continue

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CDC Doctor Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, The Truth

Started by Henry Massingale in Uncategorized Mar 5. 0 Replies

CDC Doctor Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, The Truth- YouTube link is below, 9 pages of documented facts in comment area, CDC Doctor, Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, Missing Feared Dead. Please do try to debunk this info, pay close attention to page 7 and as of today, Views: 145832 :…Continue


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Ten Commandments of Human Relations

The fundamental issue in human ethical behavior is summarized by Jesus in what we have come to call "The Golden Rule." Jesus put it this way:

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 7:12 TNIV).

It asks us to test our treatment of others by putting ourselves in their place. Treat others the way you would want them to treat you in the same or similar circumstance.

Somebody took that principle and translated it into Ten Commandments of Human Relations. You may have seen this anonymous piece, for it circulates in a variety of settings. In case you have missed it, I am reproducing it here.

Speak to people. There is nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greeting.

Smile at people. It takes 72 muscles to frown, only 14 to smile.

Call people by name. It is music to anyone’s ears to hear the sound of his or her name.

Be friendly and helpful.

Be cordial. Speak and act as if everything you do is genuinely a pleasure. If it isn’t, learn to make it so.

Be genuinely interested in people. You can like almost anyone, if you try.

Be generous with praise, cautious with criticism.

Be considerate of the feelings of others. There are usually three sides to a controversy — yours, the other fellow’s, and the correct one.

Be alert to serve. What counts most in life is what you do for others.

Live with a good sense of humor, a generous dose of patience, and a dash of humility appropriate to being human.

Made in God’s image, all of us have something to be valued!

The great challenge in human experience is not work skills, but people skills. That is, research has shown that the majority of people who fail in their vocation do so because they cannot get along with people.

You might think through the meaning of these ten common-sense ideas for your own workplace and personal activity. But what about the larger setting for your daily life? These principles work everywhere you go, for they are about showing respect to the people you meet in all those places.

Made in God’s image, all of us have something to be valued, affirmed, and acknowledged by others. But let it begin with us to acknowledge it in them. As the cycle of giving and receiving enlarges, the human community comes alive.

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