Today it is 66 years ago that the world witnessed the mass murder of Hiroshima. This birthday was not the breaking news, all attention got the us credit down grade. This rate cut was not unexpected, we all know that the country will never pay the debts. Debts are payed with new debts. We call it a ponzi scheme, but politicians have other names for this crime. Today the US has joined the world of the PIGS countries. Welcome! 

In Europe the situation is not much better. The market declines of last week shake European 'leaders'. They are desparatedly looking for a new solution to save the euro. I do not have any confidence in these leaders. Europe is too much divided.

Stock markets down, dollar down, ratings down. There was more that went down. In Afghanistan a helicopter with 37 service members went down. Probably shot down by the Taliban. 37 men died, victims of a senseless and unwinnable war.

But we almost forget the normal news: the civil war in Syria, and the thousands dying of starvation in Africa.

We're living in a mad, mad world.

Have a nice weekend!

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