Now that Obama's cronyism deals have cost us billions of dollars he has turned his attention to us lesser people.

He now is going to spend enough money to help those people who have lost or are losing their homes to foreclosure.

One million of them will get a check for $2,000.  But I see a problem or two. Problem one is: will our pony express

get them all in the right saddle bag. But a bigger problem is who and how to decide who get the checks, because

the number of homes already foreclosed plus those facing foreclosure equals 11,000,000. Yes that is ELEVEN

MILLION. So what happens to the other 10,000,000????? I'd say they are in deep dodo!!

I truly do feel sorry for those who have lost or are losing their homes because of being  jobless. I don't feel sorry

for those who, on a beer income, chose to buy a home that only on a champaign income would be affordable.

One possible solution is FEMA. FEMA has established 600 "camps" all across America and have been hiring

"guards" and buying tons of  food. Mabye those who have lost their homes can now live in a FEMA camp. The closest camp to me is in Beach Grove Indiana which is really a suburb of Inianapolis, the city of Super Bowl fame.

And every since I heard about the FEMA camps I've feared that they might be for Obama dissenters like me!!!

I wasn't looking forward to being a FEMA camper!!!! Let the homeless live there.

Since I mentioned FEMA  I strongly suggest you go to and type in: " tell me the powers of FEMA".

But I'll warn you. You will not enjoy what you read. In essence FEMA can take away EVERYTHING you own.

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